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Not your average Austin wedding planners.

We like to do things a little differently and stick to just the things that we truly excel at. We don’t want to be everything to everybody – just everything to the right somebody. Does that make sense? Our passion is working with the couples that are drawn to Texas Hotels & Resorts, Private Ranches & Homes, and Mexico Destination Resorts. There’s something special about them – the fact that you can draw all of your friends and family to one place for the weekend, and enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed setting. No pressure, much less stress, no one is chasing taxis while rushing to get from one event to the next – just you, your spouse to be, your friends, your family, YOUR wedding. Perfection!

Gruene Estate is the perfect venue for weddings, family reunions, business retreats, and other special events. The Gruene Estate, the original Gruene homestead, spreads over 15 acres in New Braunfels, Texas located between Austin and San Antonio.

The secluded property consists of several structures including the 1857 home of Ernst and Antoinette Gruene, a charming wedding chapel. Accompanying up to 12 overnight guests and 200 event guests, Gruene Estate offers daily and overnight rentals near Austin and San Antonio. It’s an ideally situated location for those looking for an elegant Texas country wedding.

Contact: Bill Hines

(512) 924-1097

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