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     Why Texas LifePhotography! Six years ago, I started a Photography Business. I had been doing photography for quite a while & I thought I should get out there on my own. My intention was to go beyond the norm and deliver more than what was expected. I wanted people to have a ‘WoW” response to every product they received. I worked hard to keep a solid business built on honesty & integrity. The business kept a 5 star review rating the entire time it was open. This came with a price! I was exhausted & started to lose the very reason I had started. Everything depended on me! All the sales, all the editing, and all the overtime to make it happen. My enthusiasm started to wane. This wasn’t fair to my Clients or my family. I felt like I just had to let the business go. It was such a sad day for me. I love photography! I love the feeling of capturing those shots that revealed the emotion of whichever event I was at, whether a WeddingGraduation or Family.

     About a year ago, those passions started coming back. I remembered something that a wise friend had said to me. “Bill, You need to ReBrand your business. Start all over & build it as a business. No more being self employed! Surround yourself with people that excel at the skills that you lack.” This finally sunk in! I could still deliver the same (& even better) service that I had been giving, but have others of like mind doing it with me. Our focus at Texas Life Photography is to capture the emotion of every milestone in your life. From that special day of your Graduation to your Engagement/Wedding, on to that day you celebrate your Maternity. Those adorable photos of your bouncing baby of joy to those Christmas family photos. Then lets start over with their Graduation!

     We won’t be there just for some posed photos that will go into a drawer and get forgotten. We want to capture the laughs and silly looks as you are trying to get posed for the session. That tear of your proud grandparent as they watch you be given away to the person you will be with forever. Capturing your Childs personality while they enjoy life in a way only they can. When you receive your photos, we don’t want you to just be impressed by the packaging. We want you to let out that “WOW” the moment you take your first look at your photos. We want Texas Life Photography to become the first name that comes to mind when you think about any photography needs.

Because its so much more than a picture!

Bill "Shorty" Hines

Owner & Founder of Texas Life Photography.

With 11 years experience in photography, I have had the opportunity to work in all aspects of Digital Photography. I have had a passion for all forms of art since I can remember. I love Cooking, Listening to Music, Photography and Photoshop. I continue to practice these on a daily basis and enjoy the journey of learning as much as the accomplishment of a finished project. I have been working in Photoshop/Illustrator for over 12 years. I love to manipulate photos as much as perfect the natural ones. I started a Photography Business in 2010 and kept a 5 star review rating for the 6 years I was in business. I learned a lot in those years and now I want to take it a step further. I have gathered together some of the finest Photographers in the area and together we want to share our experience with you.

Meet the Team! I believe we have the Best Team of Photographers & Editors in the Area. They are so much better looking than I am! Find each of the Photographers on the page of their expertise. Call or Email today & get a quote! Because It's More Than Just A Picture!


Alejandro Osama

Amy Maddox

Michael Harmon

Kayse Crandall

Jeff Gottlieb

Elizabeth Wight


Jeff Gottlieb

Sahil Khanji

Gerry Olert

Mark Calver

Photography Event Planners

Haley Curry

Contact: Bill Hines


(512) 924-1097

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